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Time to Get Even More Crafty!

Welcome back to craft time everyone! (If you missed the first two, you can find them here and here). Today I’ll be showing you how to create some super customizable boards that will make it easier to organize your life. Usually, people pay tons of money for these type of things, but if you’re willing to take some time out of your day to make it yourself, it’s completely worth it. Plus, who wants a boring ol whiteboard when you could have a pretty customized one? Who wants a square cork board when you could have one whatever shape you want?  Who wants a black square thing when you can have a super bright magnet board? Yes please! If these things interest you, read on. If not, have fun paying for overpriced boredom boards, sucka.


What you’ll need: cardboard, scissors/exacto knife, squares of cork (from the Dollar Store), binder clips, tacks

Step One: Decide how big and what shape you’d like your cork board to be. You can go for something normal like a square or rectangle, or you can try something different like an angled shape or even a circle if you want. Once you’ve decided, cut out your cardboard to that shape.

Step Two: Place your cardboard on top of your shape of cork and trace the shape out onto your cork. Then cut it out. Carefully. I find it easiest to use an exacto knife, but use whatever you feel more comfortable with. Sometimes the cork is a jerk and doesn’t cut very nicely at first, so you might want to give yourself a bit of extra space to work with.

Step Three: Put your cut out shapes on top of each other and make sure everything lines up correctly. Grab some binder clips, and place at least two at the top and two at the bottom, clamping your two pieces together.

Step Four: Your cork board is essentially done! All you’ve got to do now is hang it up, which is easiest with tacks, because you’ve already made some hooks with your binder clips. How handy is that?

BONUS: You could also paint your cork board with a pattern or use stencils to make it flashier.

corkboard1 corkboard2

White board

What you’ll need: Old photo frame (bigger the better), acrylic/spray paint, paintbrush, white paper (not too thin)

Step One: Before we can even think about making this a functioning white board, let’s spruce up the frame. This is all personal choice, so decide on your fav colour and go nuts. I recommend either spray painting the frame or painting it with acrylics and spraying a protective coat on it afterwards so it doesn’t chip off (it happens and it sucks).

Step Two: Take your piece of white paper, cut it to fit in your frame, and BAM. Look what you’ve done. A magical whiteboard. Think about all the possibilities. Hang it up, get yourself some markers, and you’re good to go.

BONUS: Make a series of them and dedicate a wall area to your little whiteboards – you could even do one whiteboard for each day of the week, a fantastic custom calendar!



Magnet board 

What you’ll need: Cooking sheet (of any size/shape), spray/acrylic paint, nails/double-sided tape

Step One: Pick your choice of cooking sheet. I’ve use a circular pizza pan and a rectangular baking sheet and both were awesome, so it’s your choice.

Step Two: Spray paint the crap out of it! Make sure to dry it really well between coats or it’ll get runny and weird (I say this from experience).

Step Three: Decide how you’re going to hang it. I’ve used really strong double sided tape, attaching ribbon and using tacks, or just nailing the thing right to the wall (which I found the most affective).

BONUS: Make yourself some custom magnets. I’ve made some felt ones, some Jones cap bottle ones, and some photo magnets (which I explained here!).



That’s all the crafts I’ve got for you, folks! I hope you’re inspired to organize your life (or at least your walls). Remember these are just my interpretations and if you have a different (or better) way of doing things, I would absolutely love to hear it. Did I skip one of your favourite crafts? Is there something you’d love to make but aren’t sure where to start? Comment below or let me know on Twitter what you’d like to make and I’ll help you out.

Crafts for life, ya’ll. 

ONE MORE BONUS: Did my three craft articles still not give you enough crafts to choose from? Here’s a quick little list and to plant some ideas into your head and get your hands making: coasters from tiles, spray paint stencils, friendship bracelets, paper crafts (origami, cut out template, paper dolls), hand sewn notebooks, Smashbook (look this one up, it’s awesome), pom pom garland, perler bead ornaments, sharpie mugs, AND ON AND ON! Pinterest is my haven for my craft addiction, so I strongly recommend going there and searching for whatever suits your fancy.