Time to Get Crafty

Ever wanted to find a new creative hobby but could never find a place to start? Ever become interested in crafts but worried it’ll cost you too much money to get into? Ever feel like making something fun but could never come up with a good idea? I’m here to help you out. In the process of creating every single day (my Year of the Creative project – link), I’ve tried a lot of new crafts and new mediums in the art world. There’s so much to delve into when you start looking at DIY projects or crafts, it can be hard to find something easy to start with. If you’re looking to get into some easy crafts, read on! Most of the supplies you need for these crafts are super cheap and you can get them at the Dollar Store, so it won’t be a costly hobby (unless you get totally addicted to crafts like I did). So without further ado, here are a couple of my favourite craft projects to get you started.

Felt ornaments – a quick project for yourself or for a gift with tons of variety that takes an hour and lasts forever!

What you need: pencil, scissors, sheets of felt, glue gun or sewing needle/embroidery thread, pillow stuffing, ribbon


Step One: Decide what you want to create – there are so many options! You could do something simple like a flower or an animal, or you could try something harder like a video game character or portrait of someone. For inspiration, try searching “felt ornaments” on Pinterest because there’s tons of good ideas.

Step Two: Draw out what you want onto the felt using a printed template or freehand. Then cut out all your shapes!

Step Three: Glue or sew your looped ribbon to the top of your main felt piece. Make sure you attach it to the inside.

Step Four: You have two options here. If you can sew (or are interesting in learning, I taught myself!), put your pieces together and start sewing with some matching embroidery thread. If you don’t sew, have no fear! You can use a hot glue gun. Sew/glue until you’re left with a small hole, where you can poke your stuffing in before closing it off.

Ta-dah! You’ve made a felt ornament. Alternately, you could attach it to a sturdy magnet or a keychain. Here’s one of the very first felt ornaments I ever made.

felt donut


Magnets – an even quicker project but with a ton of options and fun to be had.

What you need: sheets of magnet, scissors/exacto knife, blank paper or photos or drawings or stickers anything you want, really!

magnet supplies


Step One: Decide what you want to make a magnet of. There are millions of options because you can stick pretty much anything to the sheet of magnet, as long as it’s not too heavy. Stickers, photos, magazine cut outs, drawings, paintings, trading cards, anything!

Step Two: Cut out how much magnet you think you’ll be needing. It’s easiest to place your desired image on the magnet sheet and then just cut around the image, giving yourself a little extra room.

Step Three: Take the paper off the magnet sheet revealing the sticky part of the sheet. Slowly and gently place your image on the sticky part and press down once it’s in the desired spot.

Step Four: Using scissors or an exacto knife (which I find easier), cut off the extra magnet.

Now you’re all done! Make a bunch more! Be careful, it’s addicting.



That’s all the crafts I have for now, but stay tuned for more crafty projects and tips coming your way very soon. Until then, try out one of the crafts for yourself. I’d love to see what you all come up with, you beautifully creative folk, you.

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