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The Year of the Creative

My name is Paige Sawler and I am a creative person with a terrible habit of giving up. As a graphic designer, my brain is constantly coming up with new ideas, brainstorming new projects, thinking when it should be sleeping. I’m always full of brand new plans, excited about new hobbies, and into learning a million new things at once, but I have a problem. When I start something new I’m inspired, and when I start to lose that inspiration, I lose motivation and I fail to commit to anything all the way through. I know I’m not alone in this creative struggle of constant inspiration, so I wanted to test myself.

In late 2013, in my 3rd semester of my graphic design program, I decided I needed to challenge myself and others creatively. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew it had to be big. Ideas bounced around in my head for months, like they always do, but it wasn’t until mid-December that I came up with the final plan of creating every single day. I wanted to force myself to stop wasting time and to start doing more of what makes me happy. I wanted to start all the ideas that had been sitting in my head for years because I “didn’t have time.” I wanted to end my last year of school on a really positive note. So, the Year of the Creative was born.

The name and the blog went up immediately but it wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that I realized what I was getting myself into. I had promised myself that for a full year, I would work on something creative every single day. It was the most ambitious, biggest project I’ve ever tried to do, and it freaked me out big time. Now, more than 90 days into the project, I feel so incredibly thankful that I decided to go for it and jump into something crazy because it’s been the most rewarding experience of all. Not only do I get the satisfaction of seeing all of the things that I’ve created and worked on and thought of because of this project, I get to see others inspired as well. And nothing makes me happier.

The Year of the Creative isn’t about creating something brand new everyday. It’s all about working towards a goal and doing a little at a time and keeping your creativity moving. All forward motion counts. You can start whenever you want. You can post your progress whenever you want. It’s all up to you. The most important part of the project is making time every single day to be creative, whether it be knitting a hat, painting a landscape, taking a photo, designing a poster, building a birdhouse, choreographing a dance, or anything in between.  It’s about bringing your ideas to life. It’s about taking that constant inspiration of reblogging, liking, and pinning and actually creating something. It’s about learning that you’re capable of so much more than you thought.

If you’re interested in seeing my personal Year of the Creative blog, check it out here. There’s also a couple other people participating as well, so search up #yearofthecreative on Tumblr or Google and you’re bound to find the other awesome people involved.

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