The Creative Pub Art Drive Re-Cap!

Hello again, everyone – and Happy Holidays! We hope everyone had a warm, safe (and creative!) season.┬áIf you haven’t been tagging along to our events this month, here’s a little recap of our most recent: The Creative Pub!

As usual, we held this event at The Foggy Goggle and much art-ing was done and fun was had. This year, however, we also decided to do a little bit of giving back. We do a lot of work with people within our artistic community, but a chance to reach out in a different way doesn’t happen as often. So, on top of our regular Creative Pub antics, we decided to accept donations of art supplies for the children of Saint Joseph’s A McKay school in Halifax. Saint Joseph’s is a wonderful school in the North End that has been operating since 1867, touching the lives of thousands of HRM’s youth. And in such a bubbling creative community, the choice seemed a no-brainer!

We are proud to let you know that we received an outstanding number of donations, including $95 in cash, that were delivered to the school with much excitement. The generosity was incredible – we even received cash donations from patrons at The Foggy Goggle who were not even there for the event! For that, we thank you!

Aside from that? The event was a blast! We filled the back of The Foggy Goggle with a lively crowd of avid drawing folk, some old, and some new. Wings were shared, beer was guzzled, high-fives delivered all around. Who could ask for a better way to close off another year of E3C fun?

Thanks again to all of you who attended, and to all of you who have come out this past year to meet ‘n mingle ‘n create with your fellow creatives. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2015. From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!

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