The Beauty of Hand-drawn Typography

The first hand-lettering artists were sign painters. They were hired to paint shop signs, posters, and paint information on shop windows to encourage customers to shop within the store. This art form required skill, craftsmanship and the only way to learn was to practice. Not much about it has changed over the years except that the finishing touches of hand-lettering are now done within an Adobe software product. Read More

Creative Design Inspiration

We all get creative inspiration from different people and places. Some of us love to go to galleries and museums while others are lovers of magazines or stick strictly to online sources. I often get inspired by things I see on the street, an in store display, billboards, bus shelters, and lots from magazines and books. It’s important to keep inspirational fodder close at hand so you can tap into those resources when you’re not feeling so creative. In this article, I’ll share where I like to find some of my creative inspiration and hopefully be able to inspire you. Read More