Collage of card making at E3C event

Crafting For Dinners Donations Are In!

We want to thank everyone who came out Thursday December 7th with donations! There was plenty of supplies to create holiday cards for loved ones and strangers alike. The Foggy Goggle had $4 Propeller Porters on tap to keep us in (tipsy) spirits.

Through the generosity of local creatives that came out, our evening resulted:

We wish you all a wonderful rest of December, and look forward to more meetup goodness in 2019. Stay tuned for our -7- year anniversary (holy cow!)

– Alison, Liz and Shannon



Holding The Door: A Guide to Creative Charity

I used to get really frustrated when I would hold a door open for someone and they wouldn’t say thank you. Or they would cruise right past me without acknowledging me in some way. I mean, after all, I’d held the door open for them. What kind of terrible person wouldn’t say thank you when someone held a door open for them. But then I started to think more and more about why I was holding door open for people and my feelings changed. What I came to realize was that I was holding doors open because I wanted people to say “thank you”. Read More