Start Writing…Like Now

Blogging is not hard. There. I said it. It’s just not. Now don’t get me wrong. Growing a following for your blog can be difficult. Monetizing your blog, if you so choose, can be incredibly difficult. But that’s not what we’re talking about. What we’re talking about is blogging and blogging is not hard. Do you have thoughts? Do you have access to a computer? These are your two requirements. These are your only two requirements. Everything else is icing on the cake. So, I’m not going to work with you on the topics of having thoughts or having access to a computer because if you don’t have either of these two things, we can’t really continue. Also, here’s my brief blurb on the why. You can blog for a thousand reasons. They include, but are not limited to; because you have something you want to talk about, because you want to promote your work, because you want to use it as a means of artistic expression, because your therapist told you to, because you need a hobby or because you are secretly trying to take over the world and this seems like an ideal way to flesh out your manifesto. I need not continue. Blogging can be incredibly rewarding for a hundred thousand million hundred reasons and that’s all you need to know. Now, the icing.

What? What can you write about? Well, you can write about anything. It’s a free country. Well, it’s a relatively inexpensive country. Well, it’s not that inexpensive. But this is not the point. The point is, you can write about whatever you want. I was recently talking about blogging with a client and they were talking about how they were having trouble coming up with an idea or a focus for their blog. They knew that they wanted to blog. They knew that they wanted to blog in relation to their work but they didn’t know what their focus was going to be. They said they needed to figure out the audience they were going to write for. My advice? Let me stop you right there.

You do not, under any circumstances, attempt to identify, define and target a demographic. You write. You write with you heart and your soul and preferably a recording device such as a pen or computer. I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t have some really great thoughts and your “job” when you start blogging is to take those thoughts and record them. That is all. It may be that your blog strays. That it starts with a focus on the business of mergers and acquisitions and settles in on feral cats. It might take a left turn at chronic illnesses and end up at a brief history of clowns. Literally, your blog could go anywhere. And your job is not to take your thoughts and throw them in the basic vicinity of a target demographic. Your job is to write your thoughts in such a clear and inviting way that hordes of followers beat down your virtual door to hear what you have to say. 

How? Well, you write. There are tons of platforms that allow you to use them to get your thoughts out. Blogspot, wordpress, weebly, tumblr. They are free. They are easy. And did I mention they are free? Sign up. Start writing. And next week, check back and I’ll give you a heads up on your next steps.

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