September Meet Up Recap

Sometimes the smallest meet-ups are the mightiest and September’s was no exception. The month is always sort of a wild card since everyone is getting back into the groove of things – don’t forget that you can still work on things at the main Meet Up as well as mingle.

It was held at the lovely Humani-T cafe, given a unique opportunity to sit together at the back and work on projects together in a more encloed atmosphere than usual for the location. There was a little bit of everything happening: students working on design homework ( interesting ads for a cat, as example),  artists breaking out watercolours, drawing dinosaurs and even a little bit of web coding.

One thing that really stood out for this meet up was the level of skill sharing. Amber Solberg (our September poster artist!) brought her watercolour kit with her and was willing to share her materials and combine her wisdom with others to teach some of the group how to do simple watercolouring. She has a unique way of keeping her watercolours: she glued several bottle caps to a metal circular plate  with a tiny tin candle holder on the side for water. Since watercolour paints are left to dry prior to use, it makes this method extremely effective and easy to use.

We had others working out of the same sketchbook – a dinosaurs drawing jam. The comic artists present were all the way across the table from each other, so no matter where you were there was help sitting a couple chairs away. Josh Rodgers of Mushface comics is always good for lending an opinion on how to improve your anatomical drawing if you ask.  Several design students from NSCC were working on homework and offering group critiques. It’s always interesting to have a group critique at a Meet-up because there is such a large range of creative people, lending their expertise across fields of interest.

As most people have learned, at E3C all you have to do is bring your work and ask – there’ll be a good amount of people willing to sit down and discuss improvements or even just compliment what they like about it if that is what you’re looking for.

If you didn’t manage to get to the meet-up this month, don’t fret! Tonight is looking like it will be one of our largest Creative Pub events yet, being held at the Foggy Goggle starting at 7:00pm. You’ll find us normally positioned around the middle to back of the pub, so feel free to join in with us. If you need a plug-in then I’d suggest getting there early as the electronic space is limited: but there is almost always someone with a cord to share. See you tonight!

RSVP to the Creative Pub tonight, or just show up!

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