Portfolio Night Is Back!

Holy moly, Portfolio Review Night is just around the corner!

Our second rendition of the partnership between E3C and Behance is May 12th, and we’ve lined up nine reviewers in design, illustration, animation and photography waiting to see your work. This time around, we’re excited to have James White of Signalnoise as the keynote speaker. A local force from Dartmouth, James is no stranger to articulating his style and creative goals, both to international audiences and prospective clients. At the event, he’ll be focusing on how to make the most of your portfolio with the help of your online presence plus a few other interesting tips and stories.

Most other details about the event can be found on our main Behance page. We understand that putting together a portfolio is a daunting task: this event was created to help guide you through the process. Below are some common questions about the nature of the event, and after reading them, we hope you’ll take the leap and register!


Do I have to register with Event Brite to attend?
We will not refuse anyone at the door if they’re not on the list, but understand that it’s very helpful to us as organizers if we have an idea of who’s coming. We want to make sure there’s a seat for you! Also when you register online, you’re entered into a draw to win a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Adobe Creative Cloud Suite ($730 value). So please consider registering before arriving at 6:00pm.

I don’t have a finished portfolio, should I still come?
Absolutely! The event is about helping individuals make the most of their portfolio, not comparing who has the best ones. Portfolios take a lot of time and organizing and often we second guess ourselves on the direction we are taking them. Even if you only have a few pieces, bring them and explain your intent, works you thought wouldn’t make the cut, etc. Besides, between James’ keynote and the discussions you’ll have with peers, how could you not be inspired to finish that portfolio?

What happens when I meet the reviewer?
The ball is actually in your court on this. If you have some specific issues with your portfolio, now is the time to ask their thoughts on them. Maybe you need help trimming down the number of pieces. Or maybe you like the work you’ve selected but feel they’re not well organized. If you think your portfolio is ready to go, ask to have it reviewed as if you were applying for a job with them. Everyone’s portfolio needs are different and you’ll get the most out of your time with our reviewers if you let them know specific items you want to cover. Also, each session is timed, so you’ll get to rotate between multiple reviewers and peer groups.

What’s this peer review all about?
While the industry reviewers are having their one-on-one session, don’t just stare at your feet. Pull up your chair to other attendees and review each other! This is an excellent way to see how others are putting together their content. E3C is an interdisciplinary group, and we value the insight gained by collaborating with those outside our usual circles. The more eyeballs on your work, the better.

And there’s an afterparty?
Indeed! Energy runs high after all this peer review, so we like to take it to the Foggy Goggle to decompress over a few drinks. It wouldn’t be an E3C event without a visit to a pub to mingle!

You can follow all the updates on the event on Twitter and our Facebook page. If you cannot attend, please spread the word to your peers!


Proud horror film geek and lover of every flavour of chips, Alison is a designer and illustrator working in Halifax. As head of the E3C steering committee, Alison is all about gathering creatives together and pushing people to do the most with their creative talent.

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