I hate winter! I share everyone’s sentiment about this season. I never imagined being bombarded with over 80 centimetres of snow, let alone shovelling that much! Aside from the muscle aches from constantly shovelling the white stuff, I’m trying to be a good sport and see it as much-needed exercise. But with the flash freeze, icy sidewalks and blinding blizzards, I can’t really walk far for some fresh air and inspiration. GET LOST “OLD MAN WINTER”!

Fortunately, the one bright spot of Winter 2015 was Podcamp Halifax, an event to which I always look forward! I have written about Podcamp Halifax in a previous E3C article. If you haven’t read my article, you can read it here.

Podcamp Halifax 2015 was held at the new Halifax Central Library on Sunday, January 18th. It focused on a diversity of topics related to social media, online video, digital marketing, and web development. This year, the event had grown bigger – in excess of 600 attendees and 31 sessions. It’s great that a big venue like the Central Library was able to accommodate more participants. I had lots of fun attending the sessions, learning new things, and meeting new people.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

Building A Compelling Story With Video

Hosted by Matthew Welsh from Journeyman Film Co., the session talked about storytelling as an integral part of video. Matthew explained that a good story engages the audience’s interest. He stressed the importance of getting to know your subject matter. Once a subject is established, a story is charted. The ubiquity of built-in cameras on smartphones and tablets enables and empowers anyone to tell a good story and share their experiences online.

UAV Aerial Imaging For Digital Marketing 101

This session was hosted by Mark Langille. It discussed the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones to record videos. Mark shared his experiences of using drones to film various events around Halifax. He also shared some warnings about UAVs such as weight restrictions, battery life and airspace regulations. Overall, the trend of drone usage adds a “wow factor” to a brand/product.

60 Years Of Responsive Design… Through Comic Strips

This session was one of my favourites! Christopher Hemsworth, a well-known local comic artist, gave a very brief history of the evolution of the comic strip format. He outlined why the layout of picture panels making up a comic strip has worked through the years. He openly asked the audience about the future of the comic strips on the Internet: Are comic strips relevant today? Is the visual content restricted by the physical screen size of our smartphones, tablets or monitors? Can artists use traditional comic storytelling methods to present visual content in new and creative ways? Is there such a thing as an infinite canvas that digital artists can use to create their visual stories? As a digital artist, those questions lingered. Also, they have opened up new artistic possibilities.

Podcamp Halifax inspired me in so many ways and I left the event feeling very happy! There are lots of ideas and so much to learn. There are so many possibilities and opportunities! It’s great to network with like-minded, creative people. After attending for four years, Podcamp Halifax 2015 was the best so far. You have to experience it!

Here’s looking forward to Podcamp Halifax 2016!

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