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Happy Mail

In a time where most people only receive bills and notices and total garbage advertisements, nobody gets excited about checking their mailbox anymore. Usually it’s filled with things you don’t care about or envelopes you’d rather not open. But what if one day there was something bright and colourful in amongst all of that nonsense? Would your face light up? Would your heart race a little? Would you do a little happy dance? Because I certainly do, and I think everyone else should too. Everyone deserves something awesome in their mail box.  A hand written address, a decorated envelope, full of who knows what kind of happy things. Snail mail is my one true love.

When I first started sending mail, it was only to a couple friends or family that I never see. A couple stickers, a handwritten letter, nothing too crazy. Within the past few months, I began to realize how many more possibilities there were. I also discovered a HUGE community of people who believe in the same thing as I do: everyone deserves something happy in their mailbox. There are people all over the world devoting time to send more snail mail and to show how awesome it can be.

A lot of my Year of the Creative has been mail related: making and decorating envelopes, creating fun things to send, working on hand lettering, and painting postcards. The more I make, the more I want to send. The awesome feeling of receiving mail is just as awesome as sending it. I think happy mail is important in this day and age because of how attached to our devices we are. Our eyes are constantly glued to computers, sending emails, and messaging each other so much that we lose meaning in our communication. When we create or receive something tangible and handmade, it has so much more meaning that it would have years ago. So, next time you’re thinking of sending a message to an old friend or emailing your mother, step away from the computer and pick up a pen and some paper and get creative.

If you’re looking to get inspired to send more mail, here are some of my inspirations:
Papered Thoughts: Rin was one of the first people to get me inspired about making happy mail, and she has tons of resources on how to get started and involved.
Oh, Hello Friend:  loads of creative packaging and new ideas on how to send mail to get excited about.
Pinterest: seriously, the snail mail tag on this website is gosh darn BEAUTIFUL, believe me.

If you want to get involved in the snail mail movement but don’t have anyone to send to, here are some projects to get involved in or check out:
Swap-bot: sign up for swaps and send mail to strangers from around the world.
Creative Mail Swap: our very own Tara Andrews is hosting her own local mail swap – sign up for April!
Happy Mail Movement: if you or someone you know is in need of some happiness, this lovely lady will mail you some happy, and she encourages you to join the movement as well.

Happy mailing!

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