First JeopARTy Trivia Night At The Dart Gallery A Hit

Thank-you to everyone that came out for our first crack at the “JeopARTy” can. Seven teams went head to head to try and solve our quandaries. There was a mix of art-related trivia, easy-but-strange drawing challenges and some multi-media stumpers as well. Up for grabs: $25 cold hard cash to the winning team for each round. Sure beats winning drink tickets, eh? Lots of laughter.

As always, special thanks to The Dart Gallery for hosting us and Picnic At Dart for the wonderful food and drink specials. Propeller Pumpkin Ale and many wines were flowing that night. You GOTTA try Picnic’s mussels the next time your in there!



JeopARTy Questions: how many do you think you could have scored?


Round One

  1. How many cats are featured in Maud Lewis’ famous Black Cats painting?
  2. What was the subject of the earliest known paintings?
  3. In 30 seconds, draw BART SIMPSON from memory. Closest or most hilarious wins.
  4. Who wrote the original code for Photoshop?
  5. Study this image for 1 minute [shows whole room, then puts it away]. Draw it from memory.
  6. Objects along a horizon meeting at a single common point on a centre line is called what?
  7. Who is the “father” of modern design and pattern?
  8. Guess what’s in the bag [one person to feel variety of strange objects concealed in bag with their eyes closed.

Round Two

  1. Name this painting
  2. Very local! Anna Leoneons is a Gallery located downtown next to NSCAD. There was a famous book about her governess life later made into a musical. Name that book/musical.
  3. Draw a circle. Draw two more smaller circles. Draw a curved line. Whoever draws closest to _____ wins.
  4. On the color wheel, what does “Tertairy” mean?
  5. Write a short poem that includes the words “hams” “plans” and “damns”
  6. Who is this famous artists [play soundclip of famous artist interview, can have clue before playing]
  7. Which is NOT an element of design? Color/Shape/Shade/Line?
  8. How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell during his lifetime?


We had a blast putting together the questions and their related props and hope to run a similar event soon!


Proud horror film geek and lover of every flavour of chips, Alison is a designer and illustrator working in Halifax. As head of the E3C steering committee, Alison is all about gathering creatives together and pushing people to do the most with their creative talent.