February Meet-Up Recap

When I had the idea to bring a couple supplies to this month’s meet-up, I had no idea that people would jump into full Valentine’s making mode and create some of the coolest cards I’ve ever seen.

As always, we had quite an array of designers, illustrators, animators, crafters, and artists of all sorts. But the best part was everyone, regardless of their profession, tackled the supplies brought and created some pretty neat stuff. Some people even had their own supplies – a huge book of construction paper, scented markers, a fancy calligraphy pen, washi tape, and fun stickers were just a few of the items covering the tables.

This night had such a magical and loving atmosphere, as people were not only mingling and talking creative stuff, but also giving each other thoughtful (and sometimes a bit ridiculous) cards. Friends were made, paper was cut, love was in the air.

Here are some examples of the awesome cards made and given out during the night. From the success of this little collective creation, maybe we should bring some more supplies and challenges for you guys. What do you think – would you like to see more little art prompts at the meet-ups? Let us know!

Thanks to everyone who came out to spread the love within the creative community. We love you everyday of the year, but at this meet-up, our heart loved you just a lil bit more.

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