Artbook night photo of many art books

Feb 21 Meetup: Artbook Night

There’s nothing better than sitting down to stacks and stacks of art books, coffee table books, instruction books and rare books. Anything that inspires you will surely inspire others. Bring along your favourites so that others can pour over them.

We also welcome guest Jacquelyn Miccolis of Sparkles n’ Sawdust, who will be discussing handmade boutique and creative space on Argyle street, opening this March. She’ll cover features of the space and event opportunities.

Jacquelyn’s love for creating began at an early age and has since transformed into a life long passion. As a self taught Jewelry Designer and Artist, Jacquelyn enjoys the freedom of making art without direction. This has opened the door to endless creativity and self exploration. Jacquelyn has a strong background in managing small businesses. With a primary focus, being in the handmade retail industry. In addition, she has worked as a self taught Freelance Web Designer, Chalkboard Artist, Interior Decorator and Published Writer. She truly believes that the only limitation we have in life, are those we put upon ourselves.

19+. $2.00

Photograph by Shannon Dawn


Proud horror film geek and lover of every flavour of chips, Alison is a designer and illustrator working in Halifax. As head of the E3C steering committee, Alison is all about gathering creatives together and pushing people to do the most with their creative talent.