Artist Meetups & Events Calendar

Collage of various artist events in Halifax by the East Coast Creative Collective

Hang out with other visual artists in Halifax

The East Coast Creative Collective (E3C) holds monthly meetups in Halifax. Designers, illustrators, animators and other visuals artists come together to hang out in a chill, non-networking setting. Each month has a loose theme, but the overall meetup remains the same: fostering fellowship between visual artists. Meetups are generally 19+, $2.00 entry.

In 2019, the E3C Steering Team has mandated to grow the attendance of designers and animators to the meetup, which traditionally had a lot of illustrators attending (who are awesome and we love!). Note that you do not have to have drawing skills to attend out meetups. Visual artists have various skills, and we welcome you to join us! Chatting, sharing interests and creative passion is the purpose of E3C. You can learn more about who attends and what goes on here.

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2019 E3C Calendar Of Events

Thursday Jan 24: 7 Year Anniversary Party!

Holy shit -7 years! Join us for a night of free snacks and lots of mingling with other local artists. Come if this is your first E3C meetup, or your 10th billionith.


**UPDATE** Thursday Feb 21: Art Book Night

This event is always a crowd pleaser. Bring your favourite art, reference, making-off, coffee table, etc books to share with others. Always a great way to take a browse through books you’ve been meaning to buy. Like a quiet library… if it was art-filled and had beer.


Wednesday March 20 : Guest Speaker Kyle Carpenter, ** Different venue: Hopyard, 2103 Gottingen Street **

Join us for another in the E3C Speakers Series. Kyle Carpenter, Editor in chief of will be giving a special talk. Not to be missed! More details here.


Tuesday April 23: Design for TV Development with Rafael Ziah Franco **Different venue: The Daily Grind,  1479 Birmingham Street** 

Another in the E3C Speakers Series. Rafael will be going over the importance of having designers as part of the development process for TV. A great talk to attend, no matter what your industry is!


Wednesday May 29: “Shedding Layers” @ The Foggy Goggle

Regular meetup. Hang out with other creative folk, bring some work, or just shoot the shit!


Tuesday June 18: guest speaker Liz Mac @ The Daily Grind

Slightly different time of 6-10pm. With guest speaker Liz Mac covering how art (fun) turns a profit!


Thursday July 25: Drink & Draw @ The Foggy Goggle

6pm-late. No $2.00 cover, low-key meetup. Drink and draw with other artists.


Tuesday August 27: guest speaker April M Baird @ The Daily Grind

6pm-10pm. $2.00. Happy hour until 8pm. With guest speaker April M Baird covering how to sell at conventions and markets.


Tuesday September 24: Art Pays Me Podcast LIVE recording @ The Foggy Goggle

Art Pays Me Podcast LIVE with Élana Camille Saimovici of Élana Camille and Geordan Moore of Quarrelsome Yeti. Tickets are $10.00. Read more about this great collaboration!


Tuesday October 22: Show your work @ The Daily Grind

An opportunity to have your work on screen so everyone gets to know you. Like a silent icebreaker! Submit your work now.


Tuesday November 26: guest speaker Andrew Burke of Starships Start Here

6pm-10pm. $2.00. Happy hour until 8pm. With guest speaker Andrew Burke who will be talking about his experience drawing inspiration from Maude Lewis.


Tuesday, December 10: Feed Nova Scotia Drive @ The Daily Grind

6pm-10pm. $2.00. Happy hour until 8pm. We’re downplaying the Holiday feeling for those who would welcomed a bit of a break from it. BUT we believe in Festive Spirit, so encourage you to bring food or monetary donations for Feed Nova Scotia.



Other Great Artist Communities in Halifax


Sparkles N’ Stardust Art Center

Offers a variety of art classes and workshops, exclusively for adults. Ranging from beginner to advanced. Whether you area hobbyist, student, skeptic of creatively curious – they have something for everyone. Also offers affordable classroom rental, private/group events and small gift boutique. Located at 1574 Argyle Street, second floor. Learn more on their website.


Halifax Drawing Club (formally Life Drawing at Plan B)

Runs every Wednesday night, 7pm at Radstorm (2177 Gottingen Street). Doors lock at 6:58pm so we advise you go early. The event consists of drawing a nude model for 2 hours in a relaxed, respectful atmosphere. Instruction is not provided. The cost is $5. Invitations to artists and models to join the group are welcome. Learn more on their Facebook group.


Making Comics Meetup

A group for anyone who wants to make comics or is already making comics and wants to make them with other people around sometimes. Bring stuff to draw, collaborate if you want to, share advice, or just sit quietly and absorb the energy. Open to all ages, all skill levels. Learn more on their Meetup Page.


Maritime Con-Artists Facebook Group

A group for artists from the Maritimes who sell at local conventions. Be it Hal-Con, Animartime, Sci-Fi on the Rock, Geequinox, DCAF, and all of the other small cons that are around. It’s a Facebook  group where you can talk about upcoming events that you are selling at. Post work in progress pieces, get feed back. Ask questions, post your facebook, deviantart, tumblr accounts. In an art slump? Post about it! Get encouraged by other artists. New to selling your work, need help trying to figure out pricing and everything? Ask away!


WordPress Halifax Meetup

Do you design, develop or use WordPress? There’s a monthly meetup that brings all skill levels together for a night of learning and free beer! Beginner users all the way up to plugin developers are welcome to participate. Run by E3C steering member Alison, you can learn more on their Meetup page.


Life Drawing Drop-In at Argyle Fine Art- 3rd Wednesdays

All invited, held every 3rd Wednesday at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery.



“Radstorm is a collectively-run not-for-profit events and art space. Under Radstorm’s umbrella are 3 separate collectives: SADRAD music collective, The Anchor Archive Regional Zine Library, and Inkstorm Screenprinting Studio.” This space is amazing, and we recommend you check them out.


Halifax Makerspace

“Many of us don’t have multiple workshops populated with all kinds of tools. A Makerspace gives you that. Plus you get access to community of like-minded people that love to make stuff. Your project could be as simple as an LED name tag or as complex as a larger-than-life art installation. This is the place to learn how and get it done. It’s kind of like a gym for your brain.


The Halifax Game Collective (HGC)

Have a passion for creating video games? HGC is open to professional and amateur game developers alike, this event is a great place to meet new local talent in the games industry. Free, 19+. More information on their Facebook page.


UX Salon Halifax

UX Salon Halifax is a group that gathers to inspire and entertain one another. Join us if you’re interested in collaborating with others and contributing to ideas on User Experience and Design. What is a Salon? A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held once a month to increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.