E3C Portfolio Review Recap

Where to even start? Wow!

First off, what a fantastic evening. A huge thank-you to everyone who came out to have their portfolio reviewed, and of course, to the reviewers! It has been a week and a half since the event took place and we still have people raving about it. For those of you who missed out, no worries – we have a small recap for ya!

Starting around 6:30, everyone who arrived signed in and was entered to win the big prize: the free Creative Cloud membership! They were also given their loot bags of candy and fun Behance goodies. Crystal Picard and Rob Cameron were on the reception, welcoming guests and doodling up name tags for everyone. Then, after a small delay to make sure everyone was able to get in on for it, Alison Knott gave a brief presentation about the Behance Event and about what we (the e3c!) are all about. Then, Frank Orlando kicked things off with an incredible keynote on what makes an excellent portfolio presentation for prospective clients. His talk focused largely on elements of being “human” with clients; on growth, connection, and ego. It was so interesting that we had to extend our Q&A session as so many people wanted to hear more!

After the keynote, we quickly turned over the event so people could sit individually with our portfolio reviewers. We soon realized that we had a wide variety of people show up for the event;  fashion designers, animators, architects, illustrators, and designers all under one roof! The Behance goodies included some neat swag for the event, including stickers, pamphlets and special minted Behance medallions that we gave to to those who stood out in the crowd. While some participants were waiting for a reviewer to free up, we had Elizabeth, one of our Committee members, give peer review.

Our reviewers included:

Frank Orlando, our keynote speaker who is the founder of Orlando Media, and has been a Creative Director for many years.

Josh Rogers of Mushface comics was our anatomy expert, helping many illustrators with their techniques but also helping non-illustrators hone their presentation of their portfolios.

Jason Ballantyne of Redline Creative is an Art Director at Napkin Creates and self proclaimed Motorcycle enthusiast. He brought his keen eye for portfolio layout to the table at this event.

Alison Knott is the woman behind Eraserheader, designer at Orlando Media and the E3C’s Committee Director. Both an illustrator and designer, she has several years of mentoring under her belt and brought her diverse skill-set for reviewing portfolios.

Brian Larter is the owner of Aperture Studio where the event was held and is a well known photographer here in Halifax. From the Fashion designer to the illustrators in the crowd, he had constructive critiques all around.

Joel Mackenzie is a character designer and illustrator based out of Halifax. He has an excellent eye for illustration in all fields and was a tremendous asset for our event.

Matthew Morgan is an Art Director with Extreme Group, an advertising agency in town. He comes from NSCAD’s design program and reviewed portfolios with a critical eye and an fantastic sense of humour.

Murray Bain is Partner and Art Director at Copernicus Studios is an artist-driven animation studio here in Halifax. His range of experience helped attendees understand the story their portfolio should tell!

We were absolutely thrilled with the variety of talent we had for this event, and look forward to who we’ll meet for the next one!

As the event wound down, Elizabeth announced the winner of the Creative Cloud membership – it was John Fairfull – a big congratulations to him, the lucky guy!

When all was said and done, we practically had to push everyone out of Aperture Studio to go to the after party at the Foggy Goggle. We did make it to the party, and had a wonderful time decompressing and discussing the things we learned over a pint (or a plate of wings, YUM.) We know more then a few people went home to make their portfolio even better, and don’t worry, we’ll be back in the spring to make sure!

Thank you to Matthew Marshall for taking photos of the events.

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