Diagrams and brand elements for tv production

“Design for TV Development” with Rafael Ziah Franco


Tuesday, April 23, 7:00-11:00pm

The Daily Grind Cafe 7 Art Bar, 1479 Birmingham Street, $2.00

Presentation followed by our usual low-key, friendly socializing. No matter what your discipline, save the date for this event, learn something new and make new acquaintances.  Hang out with other creative professionals, students and enthusiasts! All levels and kinds of artists welcomed. $2.00 . 19+

Design for TV Development with Rafael Ziah Franco

By the time designers are out of school, they have been exposed to some kind of broadcast design or motion graphics for video. And for the most part, the same branding guidelines apply for motion, as in print.

But as with all things television, by the time you see a show, it has gone through several iterations of design. Yes, design. Not only is the story a words-on-page journey, but is is also a journey of colours, shapes and design decisions, some of which even make it to set.

The concept stage is the first opportunity to introduce these elements, which many television development teams create themselves with limited design knowledge.

But what if you could help?

This talk will introduce you to the use of design in television at the development stages of anything from shorts and music videos to shows and features, and perhaps how you can add another niche in which to provide your services.


Rafael Ziah Franco is a Colombia-born filmmaker, photographer, television director and avid traveller, living and working in Halifax. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafaelziah/


Proud horror film geek and lover of every flavour of chips, Alison is a designer and illustrator working in Halifax. As head of the E3C steering committee, Alison is all about gathering creatives together and pushing people to do the most with their creative talent.