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Craft For Dinners Charity Drive

This year we are taking cash (preferred*) and non-perishable food items for Feed Nova Scotia. The holiday season can be a stressful enough time without worrying about putting food on the table, so let’s fill some bellies!


What does my donation cover?

If you make a cash/food donation (no minimum required!) you will have access to a LOAD of supplies to make CHRISTMAS CARDS! Unleash your imagination on blank cards for friends, family, loved ones, each other.. whoever! Can’t think of anyone to make a card for? We will have a special stack of cards specifically from Santa’s Elves for you to draw on that will be delivered to the seniors at Northwood Manor.

E3C will supply everything you need, but feel free to bring your own supplies.

*Why do we prefer cash? Feed Nova Scotia thrives on food donations, but FNS can make dollars stretch much further. If you feel more comfortable donating non-perishables, that is totally okay! No donation will be denied. No minimum required, $5 suggested.


Most needed items, from Feed Nova Scotia’s website

  • soup and stew
  • canned meat and fish
  • canned vegetables and fruit
  • pasta and rice
  • pasta sauce
  • peanut butter
  • cereal
  • fresh or frozen vegetables and meat
  • formula and baby food
  • powdered and canned milk
  • new, unopened personal hygiene and household items.
  • nutritious food donations that help make up part of a main meal

By Donation * 19+ * Event Art by Liz Mac

swirl representing a creative conference coming to Halifax

Creative Conference in Halifax Survey

We’re planning an amazing conference in Halifax!

The East Coast Creative Collective  is in the preliminary stages of planning a one day conference aimed at inspiring creative professionals and visual artists. We feel there is a gap here in Halifax in regards to an event aimed at the creatively driven. Something locally run, that will get your blood pumping and inspiration flowing.

We have been running our monthly meetups for over 6 years, as well as numerous portfolio nights, panel discussions and lectures. Now let’s go REALLY big!

Getting the lay of the land is always key, so we are surveying the interest of bringing such an event to Halifax, and need your input!


Design Drink Discuss Imposter Syndrome recap

Imposter’s Syndrome For Creative Professionals Recap

Inspirational talks can take all sorts of forms. Here at E3C, we like to keep things informal and cozy! In November we held our first “Design Drink & Discuss”. This new talk series brings designers and other creative professionals together. The purpose? To be inspired by the experiences of other local creatives.

“The Imposter Syndrome: How to make it when you feel like you’re faking it. A talk for creatives” was given by Sunil Sarwal of The Small Monsters.

Sunil spoke about his own journey dealing with Imposter’s Syndrome, and how it affected his education and career. Starting with his time as a design student at NSCAD, his first job, his life as a freelancer, and finally as the head of an agency, he showed how Imposter’s Syndrome was both the cause of suffering and anxiety, and the driver behind his success.


Talk Highlights

Some key takeaways from Sunil’s talk and subsequent Q&A include:

  • It’s okay to not know the answers. It’s not okay to let that isolate you. Ask those around you for help.
  • Many, many people have Imposter’s Syndrome, but we can choose if it will push us forward or hold us back.
  • ‘Fake it ’til you make it’ is real. Keep working, keep improving, and one day you won’t be faking it.
  • Your old work looks bad now, not because it was bad, but because you’ve gotten better by doing it.


 Photos by Shannon Ellis


Everyone Can Relate

In attendance were graphic designers, animators, programmers and illustrators. Students, professors, freelancers and enthusiasts. All coming together to bond over the common feelings that Imposter’s Syndrome brings. No matter their background, people nodded their heads in agreement at key moments in the talk.

We look forward to delivering more speakers to the Halifax creative scene in the new year. If you’re interested in giving an informal talk about your creative journey, we’d love to hear from you! No experience necessary, just a readiness to share your experiences with others.

E3C and Hal-Con Drink And Draw

Scifi Drink and Draw in Celebration of Hal-Con 2018!

On Thursday, Oct 18th take your sketchbook to the outer limits!

Join other local doodlers, sketchers, illustrators and artists of all skill levels for a night of drawing. This is in celebration of Hal-Con 2018: the biggest, geekiest scifi convention in Atlantic Canada!

Free and open to everyone. Make new art friends. Doodle something new. We’re all coming together to nerd out over our favourite scifi inspirations while we sketch! 19+. Stay the whole night or just drop by to say ‘hi’.

19+ . $2.00



Artwork by Liz Mac


First JeopARTy Trivia Night At The Dart Gallery A Hit

Thank-you to everyone that came out for our first crack at the “JeopARTy” can. Seven teams went head to head to try and solve our quandaries. There was a mix of art-related trivia, easy-but-strange drawing challenges and some multi-media stumpers as well. Up for grabs: $25 cold hard cash to the winning team for each round. Sure beats winning drink tickets, eh? Lots of laughter.

As always, special thanks to The Dart Gallery for hosting us and Picnic At Dart for the wonderful food and drink specials. Propeller Pumpkin Ale and many wines were flowing that night. You GOTTA try Picnic’s mussels the next time your in there!



JeopARTy Questions: how many do you think you could have scored?


Round One

  1. How many cats are featured in Maud Lewis’ famous Black Cats painting?
  2. What was the subject of the earliest known paintings?
  3. In 30 seconds, draw BART SIMPSON from memory. Closest or most hilarious wins.
  4. Who wrote the original code for Photoshop?
  5. Study this image for 1 minute [shows whole room, then puts it away]. Draw it from memory.
  6. Objects along a horizon meeting at a single common point on a centre line is called what?
  7. Who is the “father” of modern design and pattern?
  8. Guess what’s in the bag [one person to feel variety of strange objects concealed in bag with their eyes closed.

Round Two

  1. Name this painting
  2. Very local! Anna Leoneons is a Gallery located downtown next to NSCAD. There was a famous book about her governess life later made into a musical. Name that book/musical.
  3. Draw a circle. Draw two more smaller circles. Draw a curved line. Whoever draws closest to _____ wins.
  4. On the color wheel, what does “Tertairy” mean?
  5. Write a short poem that includes the words “hams” “plans” and “damns”
  6. Who is this famous artists [play soundclip of famous artist interview, can have clue before playing]
  7. Which is NOT an element of design? Color/Shape/Shade/Line?
  8. How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell during his lifetime?


We had a blast putting together the questions and their related props and hope to run a similar event soon!

JeopARTy September Event!

Where: The Dart Gallery, 127 Portland Street Dartmouth ( an 8 minute walk from the ferry terminal)
Time: 6pm doors open. Game gets underway at 7.
Cost: $2.00 at the door

Drink specials. Food specials. Cash prizes…. Yes, E3C is back and with a bang! We’re pleased to put on the world’s FIRST JeopARTy event. What the Hell is that? Here’s everything you need to know that you should block off Thursday, September 27th for one crazy night:

1) 3 rounds of 5 questions that are sure to make you flex your artistic muscle (or make it all up and win anyway)
2) The questions are the lovechildren of trivia, Pictionary, Balderdash and Jeopardy. No skill required, just a lust to WIN WIN WIN.
3) Playing JeopARTy is totally optional; feel free to come to the meetup and just hang out instead. But we recommend joining in on the fun cus you CAN WIN CASH!

So what are you waiting for? RSVP if you haven’t already: this is one meetup you don’t want to miss!

E3C Drink and Draw

August Drink & draw

Date: Thursday, August 30, 7-11:30pm
Location: The Foggy Goggle
Cost: none

Come doodle and draw with other locals! No $2.00 to pay this time around. No sign-in sheet. Just drop by and make marks on paper in the company of other fellow artists. This is “E3C Lite” as we prepare for our Fall Events.

All skill levels, 19+.

E3C Drink and Draw

July Drink & Draw

Date: Wednesday, July 25, 7-11:30pm
Location: The Foggy Goggle
Cost: none

We said we’d take the summer off… BUT WE LIED!

Come doodle and draw with other locals! No $2.00 to pay this time around. No sign-in sheet. Just drop by and make marks on paper in the company of other fellow artists. This is “E3C Lite” as we prepare for our Fall Events.

All skill levels, 19+.

June Meetup

Date: Thursday, June 21

Time: 7-11pm

Location (DIFFERENT VENUE): The Local, 2037 Gottingen Street. We’ll be by the pool tables!

Kick-off summer days by mingling with other creative people in Halifax: designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, students, professionals and the creatively enthusiastic. If you’re artistically minded and looking to expand your social circles, we’re for you! Held in a relaxed, non-networking environment.

What can you do at E3C? Work on a project, sketch, write, chat, drink, eat and hang out. All artistic levels and interests welcomed. There will be 1 minute introductions at 7:30.

Special Guests: MacPhee Center For Creative Learning
The crew will be giving a 5 minute talk about how the Center empowers youth by connecting passion with purpose through the arts.

19+, $2.00


May Meetup: Action Figure Night

Thursday May 10, 7-11:30pm at the Foggy Goggle

It is time to bring along your favourite action figures, dolls, figurines, collectibles etc that inspire you! This is a great event to do reference drawings, talk about the things that inspire you or even play with them. We’re never too old to play with toys 😉

Come alone or bring a friend: all creative types and skill levels welcomed.

19+ and $2.00 as usual.