Calling All Writers and Would-Be Wordsmiths

We are not content because we need more content. Know what we mean? We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of our members. We have regular events almost every single week and even special events like Board Game Night or the Show and Social. Don’t get us wrong. We are incredibly happy to be able to offer this to our members… but we yearn for more.

Arranging events, coordinating meetups, establishing camaraderie. These are all lofty goals. And we love doing them. But we wanted to share our passions with you in a more concrete way. So effective not immediately, we’re going to be producing regular content for the site, and this is where you may very well come in!

Contributors will be writing about any number of topics including “The Year of The Creative”, Lost Arts of…well…Art and The Art of The Blog. It’s all quit exciting and we can’t wait to start sharing with you. But we could also use some help. You see, the more people we have writing for us, the less writing each individual has to actually do.

If you have something you’d like to write about (drawing, painting, knitting, puppeteering, making miniature saddles for chinchillas) we would love to hear from you. Hit us up on Facebook, send us a tweet or use the contact us form on the site. Let us know what you’re interested in writing, attach a sample of you’re writing and we’ll get started.

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