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So, you’ve lovingly tapped out ‘The End’ at the bottom of your masterpiece. Huffing a breath of relief that you’ve done it: your word baby is born and you want to release it to the world. Pass out the cigars.

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school's out forever

School’s out forever

I’m still a little bit freaked out that in less than two weeks, I’ll be done school forever. Although I’m very excited to step into the real world as a designer, it’s a scary thought that all of my years of education are over. Kind of. I know that I’ll keep learning for the rest of my life, but for now, my school is done.

As promised, here’s some more of the things I learned from my two years in graphic design. If you missed the first part of the list, read it here. Read More

FLOSS, Rinse and Repeat

I like free. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I like free!  Who doesn’t like a free lunch or free beer? How about receiving something which you don’t have the obligation to pay? I bet it’s nice to walk away, guilt-free. However, getting free stuff is hard to come by. Everything has a cost. Time and effort goes into producing stuff – including software.

Software costs thousands of dollars to make our tasks easier and more efficient. It’s around us at home, at work and in the schools. But for someone who wants to enter into a creative career or engage in creative hobby, questions linger: Wouldn’t it be nice if we don’t have to dip into our wallets to use the tools we need for our daily use? Should we be hindered by the high costs of software to do creative works? Better yet, is there a better way to have access to the robust software we need? Should I be a pirate? Read More

School's Out

School’s Out For Summer

In less than five weeks, I’ll be done my work term and officially completed my two year graphic design program.  Which is crazy. If you would have asked me several years ago if this is where I imagined I’d be, I wouldn’t dream of it. I always knew I wanted to be involved in the arts, but it wasn’t until my first year at NSCC in the Applied Media and Communication Arts program that I really got a sense of what I could do. One little taste of design and I was hooked immediately. Now, after two incredible years in the Graphic Design program, I’m taking a step back to look at all of the lessons I’ve learned and share with you some advice. Whether you’re thinking of taking the program, you’re interested in design, or you’re already a designer, I hope that some of the things I’ve learned will be helpful.  Read More

Writing Rituals

Photo by captain-violence

Last week, I posed the following to my fellow writers:

I do most of my creative writing soaking in a hot bath with my head immersed and my editing listening to metal dubstep trance. What are other people’s writing rituals? What gets you in contact with your muse? What helps you get into a state of flow where time disappears? Curious minds want to know.

I got such a wonderful variety of responses, that I think I’ll just leave them here as is. Enjoy.

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Write It Down or Annie Wilkes Will Break Your Legs

Why write? Good question. I have no idea. Perhaps, the answer for me is also a line of inquiry. Why not? Why not just pack it in and give up on any dreams of becoming a famous author, bathing in a bathtub of dollar bills. Well, I’m Canadian, so they’d be coins, loonies we call ‘em, but you get the point.

Here’s the deal. I have no aspirations of being a novelist, famous or otherwise. Although, an unfamous (as opposed to infamous) novelist seems kinda lame. What is the difference between ‘famous’ and ‘infamous’ anyway? Good and evil, they tend to be used interchangeably. English is such a strange language. Read More

failure image

Why Failure is Your Friend

We’re all afraid to fail. Whether our motivation is disappointing ourselves, our coworkers, or our friends and families, no one wants to intentionally complete a task that misses the mark you’ve been aiming at. However, failing at something gives us an opportunity to learn. And that learning experience allows you to succeed on future projects.

As creatives, our internal critic is the loudest voice that we hear. If a scientific study was done on creatively inclined personalities I am sure that they would find a correlation between being creative and being a perfectionist. We pay attention to details, second guess our decisions, and lack confidence with our final products until we get input and feedback from others. Some of us never finish certain personal projects because they just aren’t right. I know I have several. Read More

“What’s it all about?”

I’ve been asked a few times in the past what going to an E3C meet-up was all about and have addressed concerns about “not having anything to talk about” – so this month I decided to attend the meeting like a regular member instead of a part of the steering committee to report how it went.

This month’s meet-up was hosted at the Humani-T cafe off of Spring Garden on South Park street and it was one of the best yet, based on location alone. Lots of new faces of people who tracked us down on twitter to join the fun, as well as a couple new people who tagged along with friends. Read More

colourful snail mail stamp

Happy Mail

In a time where most people only receive bills and notices and total garbage advertisements, nobody gets excited about checking their mailbox anymore. Usually it’s filled with things you don’t care about or envelopes you’d rather not open. But what if one day there was something bright and colourful in amongst all of that nonsense? Would your face light up? Would your heart race a little? Would you do a little happy dance? Because I certainly do, and I think everyone else should too. Everyone deserves something awesome in their mail box.  A hand written address, a decorated envelope, full of who knows what kind of happy things. Snail mail is my one true love. Read More

Square Peg, Round Hole: Avoid The Box

I love podcasts. I use them for a variety of purposes. Sometimes they are used to entertain, and sometimes they are used to educate. But the best is when these two purposes intersect and that is how I often feel about The Nerdist Podcast. For those not familiar, Chris Hardwick is an American born actor (sort of), tv host (occasionally) and stand up comedian (professionally) but over the past few years he has become particularly well known as the founder of the Nerdist network, a network that seemingly knows no bounds. His focus seems to be “if you want to make something, make something”. He is a believer that the current landscape of media and internet allows for anyone to produce anything they want. I’vactore always loved this concept because I think it is indicative of the entrepreneurial spirit that I think is so important in todays culture and economy. Read More