Sketch and Save: using your sketchbook to work out ideas

To me, there’s nothing like sitting down with my sketchbook at a coffee shop or the nearest library, enjoying a beverage. I look down at a blank page, and wonder what to draw at that moment. Without thinking too hard, I take the plunge and just draw.

I often spend my lunch hour drawing, sketching or doodling. It’s a great way to take my mind off of work, like not worrying about deadlines. To me, it’s relaxing. My creative lunch hour is my solace and solitude. Read More

We Are Culture

Could you hear it?

It was the sound of footsteps marching. Wednesday, April 15th 2015 was remembered as the day of saving Nova Scotia’s Animation, Film and TV industry. It was the biggest rally in the province in recent years. I joined thousands who descended onto Province House, the provincial legislature of Nova Scotia. Everyone in the creative industry (animators, film crew, musicians, etc.) stood united in solidarity alongside local business owners, entrepreneurs and students. Read More


I hate winter! I share everyone’s sentiment about this season. I never imagined being bombarded with over 80 centimetres of snow, let alone shovelling that much! Aside from the muscle aches from constantly shovelling the white stuff, I’m trying to be a good sport and see it as much-needed exercise. But with the flash freeze, icy sidewalks and blinding blizzards, I can’t really walk far for some fresh air and inspiration. GET LOST “OLD MAN WINTER”! Read More

Podcamp People

Happy 2015!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. From festive dinners to unwrapping gifts by the Christmas tree, we cherish those moments with our loved ones and families. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and special memories. Now, we start the new year with a clean slate. Out with the old, in with the new! Read More

Doors Open Policy


I love history. As a creative artist, history inspires me. I love spending the time to learn with the stories that made Halifax the city we know today. Throughout its history, Halifax has been an important naval port and a centre of commerce. There are remnants of the city’s history and plenty of culture around us. With varying architectural styles along Barrington Street, historic buildings have survived years of peace, prosperity and turmoil. Read More

Have RenderMan For Free, Will Travel

For weeks, I’ve been busy with work. With looming deadlines on the horizon, I focused on completing my tasks like a horse wearing blinders. I work as a 3D modeller on kids shows at an animation studio here in Halifax. This has been my career for over 12 years.

Recently, I received a tweet from Mike of the East Coast Creative Collective. He told me that Pixar Animation Studio, the makers of Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and etc. announced they are releasing their proprietary rendering software RenderMan for free. I asked myself, “Could it be true?”. But I dismissed the news, thinking that the free version of the program would have some of the professional level features unavailable. Read More

FLOSS, Rinse and Repeat

I like free. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I like free!  Who doesn’t like a free lunch or free beer? How about receiving something which you don’t have the obligation to pay? I bet it’s nice to walk away, guilt-free. However, getting free stuff is hard to come by. Everything has a cost. Time and effort goes into producing stuff – including software.

Software costs thousands of dollars to make our tasks easier and more efficient. It’s around us at home, at work and in the schools. But for someone who wants to enter into a creative career or engage in creative hobby, questions linger: Wouldn’t it be nice if we don’t have to dip into our wallets to use the tools we need for our daily use? Should we be hindered by the high costs of software to do creative works? Better yet, is there a better way to have access to the robust software we need? Should I be a pirate? Read More


Sintel, Sony and You.

As I was getting ready to write my next entry for the East Coast Creative Collective, I noticed a tweet from Ton Roosendaal, the creator of the free 3D animation software Blender. On April 5, Ton wrote that Blender’s animated short, “Sintel” was banned from viewing on YouTube at the request of Sony Pictures. YouTube’s Content ID system scans multimedia files on its website to determine the presence of illegal copyright materials in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Read More

Blender: Free-D for all

I love watching movies, especially films in the Science-Fiction/Fantasy genre. I’m mesmerized by the sight of aliens, spaceships, giant robots, mutant creatures, and dragons. Visually, these elements are realized by a team of creative, talented and skilled Designers, Animators and Visual Effects Artists using the latest digital tools to bring them to life. These same tools, Computer Graphics or CG Animation programs, usually cost thousands of dollars and are targeted to the Animation/Visual Effects studios involved in feature film and TV projects. Read More