Art Pays Me LIVE Podcast Recording (presented by E3C)

On Sept 24th, we recorded two episodes of the Art Pays Me Podcast in front of a live audience. Attendees enjoyed a night of inspiration as host Duane Jones interviewed two local artists making a living from their work.


Part I: Geordan Moore of Quarrelsome Yeti


headshot of Geordan Moore

Geordan’s imagination teems with strange creatures coming out of the woods and water, anthropomorphic objects, understated quips and over-the-top titles.

He is interested in myths about his homeland, which he skewers in his weird art and witty illustrations. Geordan’s drawings depict exaggerated Canadiana, epic ocean scenes and characters inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, gross-out humour, horror clichés, tourist kitsch and Robert Crumb.

With degrees in fine art and design and a lifetime of drawing and art-making behind him, Geordan’s earned the right not to take himself too seriously.

He got into printmaking by making gig posters and hasn’t looked back. Since 2010, when he founded The Quarrelsome Yeti, he’s been at it full-time, creating art prints and apparel bearing his trademark illustrations of fantastical beasts, zombie beavers, feasts of meat, and more. Basically, Geordan’s the guy to call if you have a hankering for something strange.


Part II: Élana Camille Saimovici of Élana Camille Creates


headshot of Elana Camille SaimovicÉlana Camille is the lifestyle & fashion illustrator, artist & creative content producer behind Élana Camille Creates. She specializes in fashion, food, travel and lifestyle illustrations. Working with media publications and fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands, as well as small-businesses, she helps them to add an illustration element to their marketing or business plans. When she’s not illustrating, she’s travelling, eating, reading, baking, obsessing over fashion and spending time discussing all of that over on her blog.


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Thank you to Fraser Photography for capturing a night of inspiration and creative collaboration!


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