Another Successful Art Supply Drive!

There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out everyone’s charitable side, and E3C is no exception. Last December we celebrated the season by gathering donations of children’s art supplies, that were donated to St Joseph’s A-McKay school in Halifax. It was so successful, we were happy to repeat the event again this year. Here’s what went down at the Winter Wingding Meetup!

Official planning for the event began in October, though it had been decided almost immediately after 2014’s event that it would happen again. The decision to donate once more to St Joseph’s was clear. Supporting this iconic school, in one of Halifax’s most bustling creative communities. It really doesn’t get much better! And the name of the event? Well, after much back-and-forth between steering committee members, a three legged race, a light sabre battle, and a little bit of collaborative effort, we settled on the Winter Wingding. It captured a feeling of fun; party atmospheres; wing-ding-ery, etc. And with that we were ready to roll out an evening of festive charity.

So, how did it all go down?

Things got started at 7pm down at our usual haunt, the Foggy Goggle. People came early, stayed late, and gave generously. Within a half hour of the event, our donation box was already overfull. And our hearts! <3

Already full at the beginning of the night!

Everyone’s donations were so thoughtful that it just blew us away. Markers, sketchbooks, pencils, even a sculpture set.. You name it, somebody dropped it off for the kids. And those who couldn’t donate an item donated cash! The pinnacle of the evening was Eric Miller of Dartmouth Clothing Company arriving to drop off *three full tote bags* chock-full of drawing and painting supplies. We had received so much that it took two members of steering to cart it all home at the end of the night. Phewf!

Of course, this wasn’t just a night of giving, it was also a night of mingling and getting stuff done. People quickly settled in, busting out sketchbooks, laptops, and appetizers. There was lots of chatting, of course, and not to mention festive sweaters! There was a wide variety of creative activity happening, from pen and ink to water colour to digital work, and lots of discussion about holiday plans and New Year’s resolutions. The vibe was suitably, as they say, “jolly”.

The night wound down, we packed up our things, and headed homeward. But that wasn’t the end – we still had to make a delivery to the school. On Friday, December 9th, E3C steering members Rob and Liz drove down to St Joseph’s A-McKay school. Here is what was donated:

  • $78 Cash
  • 4 Drawing/Painting kits
  • 2 Jumbo Crayola Crayon kits
  • 14 Packs of Crayola markers – various sizes
  • 5 Packs of coloured pencils – various sizes
  • 3 Packs of pencils
  • 7 Sketchbooks
  • 2 Large pads of construction paper
  • 1 “Things to Draw” book
  • 1 Jumbo craft pack
  • 2 Rolls of craft tape
  • 1 Pack of paintbrushes
  • 4 Glue sticks
  • 1 Sculpting kit

Principal Hagerty was overjoyed, and extends her thanks to all of you who donated. These supplies will make there way to the children who need them, and to the school’s learning centre. And the cash? The cash is being used to provide children with healthy snacks at recess.

Once again, an enormous thank-you to everyone who donated items, cash, or simply their attendance to help make this event another success. We can’t wait to do it again next year! Happy Holidays!


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