About Our Meetup

About E3C


The East Coast Creative Collective (E3C) brings monthly meetup mayhem to Halifax’s designers, illustrators and visual artists. Its mission is to foster fellowship within Halifax’s visual artist community through a monthly meetup and various special events.


Where do these events take place?

Our main event, The Meetup, takes place once a month from September to June. You can find us in the front of The Foggy Goggle Pub (2057 Gottingen St, Halifax, Nova Scotia) at 7pm til late. The event costs $2 and is a great opportunity to bring your sketchbook or laptop out to work (or show off!), or just hang out and meet people.


Who attends?

  • Illustrators
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Motion graphic artists
  • Animators
  • Visual artists of all kinds: comic artists, painters, professional doodlers…
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Enthusiasts


Why should I attend?

  • You’re going through an artistic block
  • You want to expand your circle of artistic friends
  • You want input on a new project
  • You’re a student looking to make connections
  • You’re looking to collaborate with others
  • Blogging/surfing the internet is fun, but you want to share with real people


What happens at the Meetup?

When you arrive at The Foggy Goggle, look for the colourful chatty crowd at the front of the establishment! You’ll be asked to sign in and for $2 towards the running costs of E3C. There are no speakers or assigned seating, just creative people talking to each other. Some people like to show others projects they’re working on, some like to talk about a favourite new thing, others just like to listen. We try our best to have a theme each month to help jump-start conversation. Past themes have included bringing in art books, taxidermy still-life setups, resources for building skills, etc.

The only rule we have at E3C is a simple one: we encourage mingling, so if you get up out of your seat and find it filled upon your return, please pick up your beverage and talk to someone new!


How do I join?

Simply show up to an event! For your first monthly Meetup, just show up and say hello! Alison, Liz or Rob will be available to introduce you to people and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feeling shy? Bring a friend! The more the merrier. Pop in or stay the whole night – we can’t wait to meet you!


Can I/my company/organisation speak to your group?

We now offer sponsorship opportunities for individual meetups. Purchasing some beer and food in exchange of presentation time is all it takes. Read more about it here.


Who runs E3C?

The Steering Committee’s primary mission is to keep the E3C on track with events, organization, and funding. Friendly and approachable, Steering members are present at each event to make sure you feel welcome. Get to know us:

E3C Steering Alison KnottAlison Knott, Duchess of Do-It (Creator and Lead Organizer)
Creative Leaning: Design and weirdo drawings

What E3C means to me: “The passion, talent and energy we have in this city is amazing – why not try and ball some of it up in a common space? Consider E3C a breeding ground for new ideas, connections and inspiration that the interweb and regular social circles can’t provide!”


E3C Steering Liz MacLiz Macmichael, Chief Arts Officer of Starfleet
Creative Leanings: Illustration, writing, and modeling

What E3C means to me: “The E3C meetups are a safe and supportive space for creatives of all levels to foster new ideas and feel valued for their work. Each event gathers our city’s artists and inspires them to meet, mingle, and make. Every member has something amazing to contribute.”


Shannon EllisShannon Ellis, Commander ShepART and all around Moon Princess
Creative Leanings: Animation, Painting, Drawing, Digital Art, Singing

What E3C means to me: “E3C is like your blank canvas: Inspiring, teeming with possibilities, a fresh perspective and an outlet for you to bounce all your creative ideas on. It’s a space to mingle with Halifax’s incredible creative community. Relax with a drink, talk shop, learn about upcoming events and make new friends. It’s a wonderful experience. I’m thankful every day I discovered it, and even more grateful to be a part of it.”

We'd love to hear from you! Any inquiries, comments or partnership interests, please let us know!