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100in1Day: a celebration of community, reimagined

100in1Day – that’s 100 actions all happening on one day: on June 4th.

Join other citizens in making the Halifax Region a better place through organizing yourself or participating at others’ ‘interventions’. Interventions or urban actions are a simple, low-cost way for anybody to showcase their ideas for a better city.

Any individual or organisation can participate and use this opportunity to get the word out. Last year these ideas ranged from street art and urban gardens to beautification projects and social events that turned strangers into neighbours. No action is too small.

This is how Liana came to organise an intervention:

“When I first arrived in Halifax, I felt really out of my element. Coming from the other side of the country and only knowing a couple people in the city, I was still figuring out how to settle in. I had to go to Access Nova Scotia to get a new piece of ID, so I hopped on a bus and took the roughly 1 hour ride out there. I spent about another hour there, texting my boyfriend and waiting for my ID, until finally it was done and I could go back to my residence.

I walked outside and saw the bus at the bus stop, and thought to myself that I had perfect timing. I ran across to the bus stop, and midway through that run the bus pulled away. I knew this bus wouldn’t come for at least another half hour and I was frustrated from waiting for what felt like forever. I was just about to sit down when an older woman pulled up the bus stop and asked me if I wanted a ride to the next stop so I could catch the bus. I said yes and got in her car, and we chatted about her day and mine. It wasn’t long before she pulled over and I said thanks and got out, and got on the bus. I remember getting on the bus and thinking “wow, that would never happen where I am from, that was so lovely and kind of that woman to do that”. I told my boyfriend and my new friends in residence about it, and we were all so pleasantly surprised.”

And 100 is just a figurative number, don’t ya know? It’s a symbol for dreaming big! The number isn’t important, but the impact the interventions have all together transforming the city on one day is. In fact, two years ago halifax had 53 actions, and then a year later 103. What will this year bring? Compared to the other participating cities in Canada, it had more interventions per capita.

Ongoing Energy

The magic of 100in1Day lingers well past the launch date as well. It empowers citizens to see that many of their ideas are actually quite sustainable, and may live well past the first 24 hours. Instances of this in Halifax have included some of the red swings installed in green areas and the book nook on Agricola. 365 days later and you can still swing or flip through books brought on by those initiatives. Everyone has equal footing when it comes to creating an intervention. Individuals have just as much power as a social group or organization. The only really stipulations is that no monetary compensation is allowed since all actions are supposed to be inclusive.
100in1Day is simply a platform for people to enact the ability of change they always have. The upside is that one day with a well plotted maps allows others to make a day of it. Check out the map at 100in1day.ca/halifax – it’s filling up already!

Participating With An Intervention

Have an idea ready to go? You can submit it right on the 100in 1Day website – no sweat!
In the case that you have an idea but aren’t sure how to execute it, there are many volunteers you can speak with to help you find items or overcome logistics to make your intervention come true. Maybe it’s connecting with the right group for a specific item donation like oatmeal for a free breakfast, or outdoor space to facilitate a street chalk drawing event.

Need some inspiration or some guidance? There is one more workshop taking place: May 11th, 6.30 pm in Central Library: RSVP now.


Proud horror film geek and lover of every flavour of chips, Alison is a designer and illustrator working in Halifax. As head of the E3C steering committee, Alison is all about gathering creatives together and pushing people to do the most with their creative talent.

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