SciFI Drink & Draw In Celebration Of HalCon

SciFi Drink And Draw In Celebration Of Hal-Con!

Take your sketchbook to the outer limits!

Join other local doodlers, sketchers, illustrators and artists of all skill levels for a night of drawing. This is in celebration of Hal-Con 2016: the biggest, geekiest scifi convention in Atlantic Canada!

Free and open to everyone. Make new art friends. Doodle something new. We’re all coming together to nerd out over our favourite scifi inspirations while we sketch! 19+. Stay the whole night or just drop by to say ‘hi’.

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Sketch and Save: using your sketchbook to work out ideas

To me, there’s nothing like sitting down with my sketchbook at a coffee shop or the nearest library, enjoying a beverage. I look down at a blank page, and wonder what to draw at that moment. Without thinking too hard, I take the plunge and just draw.

I often spend my lunch hour drawing, sketching or doodling. It’s a great way to take my mind off of work, like not worrying about deadlines. To me, it’s relaxing. My creative lunch hour is my solace and solitude. (more…)


E3C Interviews: Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron considers himself a drawer of all sorts. While he doesn’t have a problem drawing from imagination, or putting together comics from what he calls “His weirdest thoughts”, it’s easy to see one of his main focuses is life drawing. You can see his work on Very Satisfied, and even join him at Plan-B Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm for the life drawing sessions he administrates. We took some time (more…)