E3C Interviews Michael Lei (Part I)

Michael Lei has an extensive career as a 3D modeler and currently works at DHX media. In this career he has discovered the importance of knowing the tools of your community, and always searching for something new to learn. In fact with his huge range of experience we have two distinct topics for two distinct articles from just one interview. Here, we’ll talk about the tools and community that surround 3D animation.



E3C Interviews: Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron considers himself a drawer of all sorts. While he doesn’t have a problem drawing from imagination, or putting together comics from what he calls “His weirdest thoughts”, it’s easy to see one of his main focuses is life drawing. You can see his work on Very Satisfied, and even join him at Plan-B Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm for the life drawing sessions he administrates. We took some time (more…)