We are E3C: bringing monthly meetup mayhem to Halifax's designers,
illustrators, and visual artists.

Come out for an evening of chatting and working alongside other creative people! Open to designers, illustrators, and visual artists of all skill levels. Expand your social circle, learn new techniques, and make connections. Bring $2 along with your sketchbook, laptop or other tools of your trade.

Next Meetup: Tuesday, March. 8th. 7pm-close @ The Foggy Goggle

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E3C Interviews Andrew Burke of Star Ships Start Here

Since 2011, Andrew Burke has been having a blast creating photo mashups of iconic Nova Scotia scenery with a scifi twist. Burke is the creator of the locally popular ‘Star Ships Start Here’. An independent web developer by trade, Burke caught up with us to talk about his process, Nova Scotian roots and the importance of proof reading your merch.

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Sketch and Save: using your sketchbook to work out ideas

To me, there’s nothing like sitting down with my sketchbook at a coffee shop or the nearest library, enjoying a beverage. I look down at a blank page, and wonder what to draw at that moment. Without thinking too hard, I take the plunge and just draw.

I often spend my lunch hour drawing, sketching or doodling. It’s a great way to take my mind off of work, like not worrying about deadlines. To me, it’s relaxing. My creative lunch hour is my solace and solitude. Read more →

Holding The Door: A Guide to Creative Charity

I used to get really frustrated when I would hold a door open for someone and they wouldn’t say thank you. Or they would cruise right past me without acknowledging me in some way. I mean, after all, I’d held the door open for them. What kind of terrible person wouldn’t say thank you when someone held a door open for them. But then I started to think more and more about why I was holding door open for people and my feelings changed. What I came to realize was that I was holding doors open because I wanted people to say “thank you”. Read more →

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