We are E3C: bringing monthly meetup mayhem to Halifax's designers,
illustrators, and visual artists.

Come out for an evening of chatting and working alongside other creative people! Open to designers, illustrators, and visual artists of all skill levels. Expand your social circle, learn new techniques, and make connections. Bring $2 along with your sketchbook, laptop or other tools of your trade.

Next Meetup: Tuesday, Oct. 13th. 7pm-close @ The Foggy Goggle

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How To Fail Good: Why Writing About Failure Leads To Great Success

A few months ago I was sitting down with an E3C member to help them work out some ideas surrounding blogging. They were looking at starting to blog as a companion to their work as a designer and illustrator but they were stuck on one detail; where to start.

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E3C Interviews: Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron considers himself a drawer of all sorts. While he doesn’t have a problem drawing from imagination, or putting together comics from what he calls “His weirdest thoughts”, it’s easy to see one of his main focuses is life drawing. You can see his work on Very Satisfied, and even join him at Plan-B Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm for the life drawing sessions he administrates. We took some time Read more →

A Look Back at the Behance Portfolio Review Night

In the creative world, your portfolio is your resume, summarizes your ability and illustrates your knowledge of design principles (or the principles of your discipline). You’ll hear the words “show, don’t tell”, often because we are in the business of being visual communicators. We must present employers with our best work to get invited for an interview and get hired. Read more →

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